Monday, November 7, 2011

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brecken's Birth Story

Last Monday was a rainy day.  Normally I love rainy days when I have nothing to do, but rain on this particular day made me very sad...Monday was the day I was going to walk until I couldn't walk anymore and get Mr. Brecken to come out and play.  For the past week I had been feeling labor signs/pains and getting very anxious.  I must have googled "labor signs", "3.5 cm dilated", "going into labor", and anything else imaginable to give me some kind of hint to when Brecken was coming.  Can we tell that I am a control freak?!?!?  I mean really?
Byron had gone to work early Monday morning and was sitting on pins and needles waiting for a phone call.  My mom came to my house to pick me up and brought me to her house to watch movies and hang out with her and Ashley.  Around lunch time we decided that it was a good day for Chili so we headed up to Wendy's and got a chili and chicken sandwich...both of us ate for $5.00...awesome.  As we were going to Wendy's I mentioned to mom that I thought was feeling some contractions, but every time I voiced it they would go away.  I was coming to terms with the fact that Brecken would come when God wanted him to come, not see I struggle with control.

Byron got home around 4:00 and met me at my parents house.  Mom was cooking Spaghetti and invited us to stay and eat and watch a movie.  Throughout this time mom and I went to Publix and walked laps around the grocery store, I walked up and down their stairs several times, I even slightly bounced down their stairs a few times (I was given this advice and feel that it is the one that worked the best), I researched acupressure points and made Byron watch a YouTube video explaining them and practice them on me, and I googled and googled and googled.  We finished eating and went downstairs to watch the movie.  Ashley and Parker bought cookies and milk and I ate several (not going into how many "several" is).  While watching the movie I was progressively uncomfortable, but still kept telling myself it was all in my head since I had been pretty obsessed with him coming.

We left my parents around 8:00 and went to bed to watch some Modern Family episodes that we had not caught up on.  Around 10:30 I started having intense back pain in waves and cramping.  This pain was worse than any of the pain I had earlier in the day, but I was still doubtful and afraid to go to the hospital.  My biggest fear was that I would be "that girl" that went to the hospital with lots of false alarms.  As the contractions progressed I started to notice that they were getting more intense and started timing them.  Byron had to be at work early in the morning so I didn't want to keep him up so I silently rolled around in the bed, walked around the house, and tried to time the contractions.  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore so I asked him to help me time them because I kept forgetting when they started and stopped.  He fell asleep during the down time between contractions which was a fail.  So I got up and went to the living room around 12:30 to "google" and record contractions on my laptop.  I paced around with pain and at 1:30 the contractions were about 10 minutes apart, but getting more intense so I woke Byron up and told him I was getting a shower and fixing my hair because we were going to have to go to the hospital.  He was excited, but then fell back asleep...gotta love it.  While in the shower the contractions kept coming so when I got out of the shower I got Byron up and told him to get a shower, pack his bag, load the car, and pick me up around back because it was raining and I didn't want to fall down the stairs.  We got all 500 bags in the car and headed to the hospital around 2:45 am.  I called Dr. Long and apologized to be calling her in the middle of the night and then told her I thought that I was in labor, but I was a "first time mom" and didn't know for sure.  She was so sweet and laughed and told me to go on into the hospital.

While on the way to the hospital Byron got on 85...not sure it took us quite a bit longer to get there and my contractions started getting more painful and closer together.  I was actually glad this started happening...I was pretty sure at this point that this was the real thing.  When we got to the hospital we found out that they had lost our preregistration paperwork and although I tried to be really nice I was getting a little temperamental due to the contractions.  They went ahead and took me back to be examined and we found out that I was 5 1/2 cm's dilated and fully effaced.  The nurse told me everything looked great and she was sending the other nurses in to get me into a room.  At that point I asked her if this was "the real thing" and she laughed and said "oh yes" so we called our parents.  I was so excited, anxious, nervous, but most of all CLUELESS!  Byron called my parents and woke them up.  When the phone rang mom told dad "that's it" while half asleep.  Byron told her that we were at the hospital and they got up and got showers to come up and wait for Brecken.  Dad went into Ashley's room to tell her and she said she was going into school to get a sub and meeting us all at the hospital.  Byron then called his parents and his mom said she was curling her hair and they were on the way.  Instead of calling Byron's sisters house and waking the kids up we waited until a little later.

They came and moved me to a delivery room and began to hook me up to monitors, put in an IV (which I hated and complained about several times), and got all of my paperwork completed.  They asked if I wanted an epidural at that time and I said I wanted to wait until the pain was worse to make sure I needed one.  We turned on the TV, listened to Brecken's sweet heart beating, and waited for our parents to arrive.  

My parents got there first (after stopping by QT for drinks and snacks) and came into the room to talk for a little while.  We watched the news and waited patiently.  Byron's parents arrived and we got even more excited.  By 5:30 my pain was getting worse and the nurse came in to ask if I would like my epidural yet.  I was ready.  About an hour later the nurse and Anesthesiologist came in to give me epidural.  We cleared the room and my anxiety went through the roof!  I have told many people that the build up to the epidural was much worse than the actual epidural.  Byron was so great through the whole thing comforting me and keeping me calm.  When the epidural was over I was feeling great and actually took a few naps.  At that point I told my parents that I could have 4 or 5 kids if it felt like tune soon changed.  Around 8:30 the nurse came back in to examine me and found that I had stalled with my progression so she started some other liquids in my IV and by 9:30 Dr. Arona came in to examine me and I was around 8 cm's and almost ready to push.  She told us we should have a baby by 11:00 and everyone got very excited.  At 10:00 AM Dr. Arona came back in and told the nurses to get ready to start pushing and asked who would be staying in the room with me. Ashley decided to stay so she could take pictures after Brecken was born so Byron would not have to worry with it.  Then, around 10:05 AM Dr. Arona was called into an emergency surgery and we were told that I would have to wait for 2 hours.  I was not at all upset about this because this gave Breck more time move down on his own and my epidural was still working well.  We waited again and watched tv and napped. 

Around 1:00 PM the nurse came in told us that we were going to start pushing.  She told Ashley to grab a leg (she was not at all expecting that) and Byron to get on the other side.  Both Byron and Ashley did great.  Ashley was serious an in full basketball coach mode and Byron was so sweet and encouraging. Throughout the entire process Ashley was texting a play by play to our parents in the waiting room and many sources have told me that my dad teared up and cried several times.  I pushed for an hour and 15 minutes and then the nurse told me to stop and wait for Dr. Arona to get back into the room.  I told her that I could NOT stop pushing so I kept doing little pushes and Dr. Arona arrived.  I pushed 2 more times and at 2:29 PM Brecken Stephen Spence was born. 

I can't even tell you what happened in the room after that moment...I was overwhelmed and completely in love.  Byron said that nurses came in from everywhere and each had a different job...Aunt Ashley took pictures and stayed with Brecken and Byron stayed with me and texted our family in the waiting room the stats. 

When everything settled down they cleared the room and Byron, Brecken, and I had about 10 minutes together as a new little family.  It was amazing. 

I was ready to introduce Brecken to his extended family so we texted them and they all came in.  I held all of my emotions together until my parents walked into the room and I fell apart.  My dad came in crying and that is all I had to see. 

I felt so much love at that moment and I was so happy that my little guy had all of these people who instantly fell in love with him...we are so blessed.  Everyone was passing Brecken around, talking about how  beautiful he was, and taking lots and lots of pictures. 

Our cell phones were exploding with texts and Facebook comments and I just sat in the room watching and soaking every feeling in this moment in. It was the happiest time of my life and I could NEVER explain the feelings I felt with just wouldn't do it justice.  I love this little boy with everything in me and I can't wait to watch him grow into the man that God has planned for him to be.  The moment I first found out I was pregnant I began praying for my baby and I haven't stopped since then.  A baby really changes everything. 
1 Samuel 1:27
I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.       

Monday, October 10, 2011

Maternity Pictures

A few Saturday's ago (October 2nd) we scheduled my sister to take some Maternity Pictures of us.  Of course that Friday night I decided I didn't want to do any because my face was swollen, I was really tired, and didn't want to wake up early.  Whine, whine, whine.  Ashley, mom, and Byron talked me into doing them anyways and I am really glad that they did!  We couldn't be more happy with our photographer and new camera...that new camera is already saving us $$$!  I would recommend our Nikon to ANYONE!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Monroe Shower

If you ask where the most generous people in the world live I would quickly answer Monroe, Georgia.  These people never cease to amaze me with their small town community love for each other.  It's almost like taking a step back in time for me because these people really still believe in being there for each other and celebrating for each other.  I was really looking forward to this shower and I am so glad I made it to the shower!
This cake was so adorable!  I just love the cakes made by Julie!  She is super talented!

The Thursday before the shower (which was on Sunday, October 2nd) I went to the Doctor and got the shocking news that Baby Brecken is coming very quickly.  At that point, although they can never predict, the Dr. was not sure if I would make it through the week.  Well...I am a planner.  Ask anyone who knows me well...I plan to the point that it can be obsessive...honestly I could be considered a bit of a "control freak" too.  This totally took me off guard.  Everyone kept telling me how wonderful it was and lucky I would be to get to meet him early, but I was not feeling it...AT ALL.  I planned for Breck to come October 26th and I had my leave at school planned, things that I needed to do around the house planned, Byron's work planned, and most of all my showers were planned around this date.  We still needed to shop for some essentials and get lots done around the house.  Let's just say I had a few meltdowns.  So we were worried I might not make it to the shower on Sunday, but I did!  And, just in the true unpredictable fashion of babies, Brecken is still not here and we are almost completely ready.  I am confident that is a God thing so this new mommy has time to get everything just right for our little man!

The Monroe Shower was so great!  It was hosted by Sheri (my sister-in-law), Mrs. Charlotte (one of Byron's other mothers...his best friends mom), Mrs. Pat (another one of Byron's other mothers), Sarah Beth (Byron's best friends wife), Haley (Pat's daughter and a close friend that Byron grew up with), and Katie (Byron's best friends younger sister).  They did the most fabulous job.  The theme was UGA and everything was so nice.  Going into the shower my mom and I had made a list of everything that I needed that I was worried about getting, and you won't believe it, but I got it ALL on Sunday.  I even got things that I didn't register for that I had on my list that I needed.  These sweet people think of everything!  Once again, just like when we got married, I left this shower so completely grateful and overwhelmed by their generosity.    

All of the wonderful food!  How can you not gain a few pounds with all of these showers???
This adorable Diaper Cake was made by Sarah Beth.  I love it!

Just the beginning of the gifts.  It was a "drop-in" shower so gifts just kept coming as the shower progressed.

I had two great helpers!

How cute is this towel?  I can't wait for Brecken to use it by the pool and at the beach this summer!

He better be here in time to wear this cute outfit!

If you know Byron you know that he LOVES football.  I like it too, but he LOVES it.  Anyways, my favorite player on each team is usually not the Quaterback...instead it's the kicker!  Of course Brecken can grow up to play or do anything he would like, but I sure would LOVE for him to be a kicker!  So Sara and Spencer did an awesome job when they picked this onesie out for Breck.  

My mom gave me this really cute crocheted helmet and Ashley gave me this picture frame that Byron and I had really liked a few months ago.   She surprised us! 
Just some of our gifts.  We got the swing, which was a HUGE surprise, the travel system from my in-laws, a sleeper to go by our bed (this was something on the list we didn't register for), along with tons of other essentials.  

This was the last gift that we got on Sunday and it was the last thing that I had on my list.  We had not gotten any bottles yet and I just knew that Brecken was going to come early and not have a more worries!  I am sure you can tell by my swollen relieved face.  

Here's Byron socializing with all of the wonderful ladies!  This was the only shower that he came to and he expressed that he was a little tired of hearing the word "cute" by the end.